Fall Floral Prints For Plus Size Bodies Plus Some Exciting News

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Happy Friday and welcome back!! I hope you all have had a wonderful week. It’s been a little while since I have been around and I apologize. This last couple weeks I have been working on getting my very first video for my YouTube channel up. I am proud to announce it’s live!!! My channel is called Divas Never Settle and it is all about living a never settle lifestyle. On my channel you will find anything from fashion, beauty, mom-hood to life in general. Everything will be something that I feel helps you live in a never settle world. Or, maybe it is something that goes against that idea and I want to tell you why. This is my first video so any and all feed back is greatly appreciated.

The weekend ahead looks pretty nice. There isn’t a whole lot going on Saturday. I have scheduled some time for myself to do some work and then Sunday my daughter and I have birthday party to go to. The hubby will be leaving again on Sunday for another business trip for the week. It should be pretty quiet at home. This will hopefully be his last trip for the year and I am starting to look for a local photographer to get a Christmas family photo session in (hopefully I didn’t wait too long to book something). I feel like such a bad mother. This will be our first “professional” family photo since our daughter was born. The last picture I have all three of us together was right before last Christmas!!! I know, I know, I am working on it.

Fall Floral

Now that we are a couple days into November, the count down to feast-giving has officially begun. I have some great post ideas planned for you. Lets hope life will let me get them out for you! Today’s post we are talking about fall floral. I think this season more and more floral patterns are sticking around. Instead of keeping this print for your spring and summer months, you can now enjoy this girly pattern in the cooler months. If you haven’t been able to guess by now I am not one to follow the rules. Especially when it comes to fashion. If that were the case, I would be wearing sack dresses two sizes too big and elastic pants. Ok, so I may have a pair of pull on pants but I know some skinny gals who wear them too so…..

 With that being said, if you want to wear your springy floral skirts then go for it! I was worried when I first started hearing the term “fall floral”. I was worried everything would have a 70’s or vintage vibe. Those trends are definitely in this season but the fall floral is not what I was thinking. I love the dark colored variations of this print but used in more modern floral ways. The fall floral print is on a more larger scale, which has a younger looking feel to it. When you mix the darker colors with the bigger prints AND include more fall flowers like mums, you have a winning look. 

A fall floral print can be on any darker base and looking stunning. Black, brown, burgundy, hunter green all of these colors have me swooning. For this look I chose a fall floral button down top ASOS. I love the little pop of the yellow in the print against the black background. Let’s talk about these sleeves! Ya’ll know I want to add more drama to my closet and I can’t resist a puffy sleeve like this!!! 

Here, I have dressed it down with a pair of moss green jeans from Torrid and a brown-ish/grey-ish peep toe bootie. I love that I am able to dress this top down like I have done, but can also pair this with dress pants for work. You can even add some black leggins for a sexy date night look. Then I topped this look off with this amazing motto jacket that I got in my newest Dia&Co box (will be linking a video to my unboxing soon).

I hope you have enjoyed this look. Are you a fan of the fall floral trend? Let me know below!!!

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  1. November 4, 2017 / 2:04 pm

    I always thought that florals were for Spring and Summer but you have proven me wrong with this post. The dark florals are perfect for this time of year! Great top!

    Antonia | http://www.TheMidwestWife.com

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