Time To Change Things Up

Time To Change Things Up

I am a person who does not always jump right in to a trend. Nor am I quick for change. I like to test the waters first, see if it’s something that will be worth it. For the last several years I have stayed in my comfort hair color zone. My natural hair color is light auburn. I have been on the dark brown and red band wagon for a while. It was time for a change. So when winter started I decided to go against the main stream. While most people go darker in the colder months, I went lighter! Not just any blonde I may add. I have decided to go PLATINUM! Oh, did I mention I am also trying out the ombré trend for the first time too, another change!

Enter stylist Kelsey. Kelsey works at Rush by Dino Palmieri near my town in downtown Kent, Ohio. I started going to Kelsey about three years ago. She is an amazing stylist and I suggest if you are in the Northeast Ohio area, look her up! She has been a stylist for six years, and just celebrated her anniversary!

Question and answer time!

I asked Kelsey if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for me and my readers. She happily obliged;

  • What tips would you give someone looking for a hairstylist?

    If you saw someone with hair to die for, ask them who did it! Pictures-especially on the first few dates with your stylist. Visuals are the best way to get on the same page.

  • Are there any hair trends you do not recommend?

    Hmmm…That’s hard to say. Are there trends I wouldn’t recommend for everyone or every hair type, absolutely. That said, being open minded can help a stylist to create a unique version of any trend.

  • What are your top 3-5 products and brands?

    Wella, they do color and styling flawlessly and they are healthy for all hair types. I also love Sebastian. They as a company have an edgy vibe, and on the cutting edge of what’s next with style and product. Because of my roots in the industry, I’ll always have a soft spot for Aveda.

  • What do you see the trend of 2017 being?

    Structure. Strong structured cuts are making a huge comeback. Creative and individualized color will still be around. I love, love, love Wella’s trend of bringing contouring, like the makeup craze, to hair!

  • What are some of the common mistakes you see people making?

    Probably not listening to the advice their professional stylist gives them. Unrealistic expectations. I spend a lot of time and money furthering my education so that i give you healthy, beautiful hair!


Change is in the air

It is time! My two main concerns for Kelsey were; I did not want to look like Elsa from Frozen and I didn’t want the ombré to look like I had a severe case of root growth. I am fairly light skin toned, and while I like the severe look of the white platinum I was afraid it just wouldn’t look good. If I do say so myself, Kelsey did a pretty damn good job. Here is where we started with my color.


Ten weeks ago was my first appointment to get towards the platinum.


Last week was my second appointment. She really did a great job getting it more platinum.


I am really really loving my hair! In 11 weeks I will be seeing Kelsey again and seeing if we can get it a little more white. I will be listening to Kelsey and my end goal is to be similar to this. (Photo via Pinterst). I urge you to check Kelsey out on Instagram. Would love to know if you are thinking of a change.


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