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We are halfway through March and warmer weather is on the horizon. I thought I was overdue for little get to know me post. So, I took to social media and asked for questions. They could be anything from personal to blogging. Keep reading to find out a little more about me, and why I have a place in this crazy world of blogging.


What made you decide to become a blogger?

Early on

I’ve always loved clothes and fashion from as long as I can remember. As a little girl walking through a store with my mom, I would put my hand out and touch all of the items I liked. It was my way of saying this shirt is perfect. In my teen years, I loved looking through Seventeen magazine. A couple of times I even sent in drawings of a pair of jeans or a dress designed. Because I was always heavier than everyone else, even at a size 12, I never thought I could really enjoy fashion the way other girls did. So I had resigned myself to wearing jeans and a tee shirt always.

When I realized I could play with clothes

In 2011 I started my first office job where I had to dress is something other jeans and tee. I hit up my local JCPenny to start building my wardrobe. Quickly my new co-workers, mostly my boss at the time, gave me the nickname diva because I always dress so well and had to wear my high heels every day. After I had my daughter in 2016 I lost myself. I had always felt like I was meant to do something bigger than I was. Being a mom is something I want more than anything I love my daughter, but I still felt like I needed something.

The start of the rest of my life

I was introduced into the blogger world through a plus size subscription box clothing company called Dia&Co. They were holding a contest for Christmas and once a week they were doing Facebook Live videos and had guest bloggers. During one of the videos, I asked two of the employees how they would recommend to someone who loved fashion to get into the fashion world without having a fashion degree. The answer, blogging. So I told my husband this was what I wanted to do and at the beginning of 2017, I launched The Plus Size Diva.


plus size fashion, plus size look, plus size outfit, plus size winter look


How long have you been blogging and what keeps you motivated?

At the beginning of this year, I celebrated three years of blogging. Honestly, I actually forgot it was blogger-versary. At the beginning of the year, I was looking at some health issue and I hadn’t actually posted anything on my blog since November. So to say it is has been easy is a complete lie. It isn’t that I don’t love blogging, I do. It has been in my disposition to judge myself and compare myself to others. Not getting caught up on how many followers or comments I get is very hard for. At this very moment, I made the commitment that it isn’t going to matter how many likes, comments, followers or subscribers I get. Blogging is something I am going to be doing for myself. In the end, I help someone or motivate someone to take a risk, then that is icing on the cake.

Having a close group of women, even a small one, is something that I think no one in this world can do without. These are ladies that know where I have been and where I am going. My Style Collective sisters are the ones who understand what I am trying to do and want to see me succeed. This girl-tribe is something that I was fortunate enough to discover, and I know I probably would have given up a long time ago if I hadn’t found them.


plus size fashion, plus size look, plus size outfit, plus size winter look


How do you keep finding new content to blog about?

So how am I going to stay away from the number trap and keep true to me? What is about me that sets me apart from others? Easy, it’s the one thing that I know best.  My life. I know my story and my life better than anyone. This includes topics like; fashion for women who aren’t the traditional or acceptable size; raising a young girl in a world that is telling her to be a certain and teaching her that she doesn’t have to listen; struggles that I had and continue to have with my mental well being; and my new found love for all things makeup related.


plus size fashion, plus size look, plus size outfit, plus size winter look


What’s your favorite thing about blogging and what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting a blog?

The main reason why I started this blog is the reason I love it so much. Being able to show other plus size women that you can love clothes and that you don’t have to be confined to wearing things you hate because you don’t think you can, and society tells you that you can’t, is what brings me back. Maybe that’s the teacher part in me. I originally wanted to be a teacher and maybe that part has stuck around.

Probably the one thing I wish I would have done in the beginning was to build up a reserve. Being a full-time mom with a full-time job and blogging is extremely time-consuming. I wish I would have known just how much time it takes to come up with content, write and edit the post, find time to take the photos and then edit the photos. Mix all that into housework, cooking, taking care of a one-year-old and it can be very stressful.

Taking a couple of months to plan out my content and prepare the posts would have made the start of this journey a little easier. So don’t get too eager to jump into like I did. Take that eagerness and prepare yourself. Especially if you feel like you want to upload content to your site multiple times a week. You can make the start of this journey so much easier on yourself by doing this one simple thing.


plus size fashion, plus size look, plus size outfit, plus size winter look


What is the hardest thing about blogging?

For me, I go back to what I said before. I compare myself too much to other women and am constantly judging myself. When I started, I simply wanted to show other women that all everything they were told in the past was a lie. Teaching them that they are worthy of loving themselves and what they are wearing was is my mission. Getting caught up is who is doing what, who has the newest trends, who is getting the sponsorships is the worst thing about being in this world.

Easily, your mind can get lost. Again I’ll go back previously, this is why you need a strong tribe behind. This can happy to anyone and most likely happens to everyone. Find a group of women that you can connect with and will understand everything you are and will go through. These women will be the light draws you out of the dark.


plus size fashion, plus size look, plus size outfit, plus size winter look


How has your style changed over the past 5-10 years especially after adopting a more body positive attitude?

Fashion is a big world of dress up for me. I always wanted, but never got, one of those trunks from the toy catalogs at Christmas that had all of the dress up clothes in them. Maybe it was because my parents didn’t think the clothes would fit..I don’t know. Now, I get to play dress up every day! Basically, my style changes daily. I can go from trendy to preppy, to romantic, to edgy daily. The one thing I have noticed more is I’m taking more risks. I’m opening myself up to more trendy pieces. Never would have I considered wearing a jumpsuit. Now I find myself constantly looking for the trendy items just like the ones the majority of the world gets to wear.

Honestly, I feel like I’m falling short in that way. All over social media, I’m seeing items that I love, only to find that they don’t come in my size. If I am able to find something similar, it will cost me almost double because it is a few inches larger. Lately, this has been weighing on me and I think I am finding myself at the beginning a new journey. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what that may be.




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