Style Collective May Challenge To Help You Find Your Authentic Self Part Two

Hey there! I hope you all had a great short week! Mine, for some reason, seemed really loooong. Thanks for coming back to my Style Collective Challenge. If you missed part 1 of my authentic self challenge you can go here to catch up! I have decided to combine a few weeks of the challenge.

Authenticity: How did you stay authentic to yourself during this experience?

To stay authentic to me, I’m not going to listen to the rules of fashion. Because my body has more rolls or takes up more space than others, doesn’t mean I have to dress differently. Growing up I always had to wear the one piece swim suits or a baggy t-shirt over my suit. When the tankinis started coming in to trend I could finally wear two pieces. Still covering my legs and stomach though.  After I turned 30 I finally purchased my first bikini. It was a high waist suit that showed off my stomach and my legs in all their cellulite glory, GASP! Not only did I wear it in public at the beach, but I also took a photo of myself and posted it online! I have decided that I am going to wear things that have been deemed socially unacceptable for curvy woman


Values: What are you most passionate about?

Now that I have a daughter I am passionate about making sure she doesn’t grow up feeling unworthy or not good enough. My daughter should never think or feel this way in any aspect of her life. I am choosing not to just tell her everyday that she is beautiful and worthy. I want to show her how to love her self and know her self worth. By choosing to take time for myself I am showing her how to have self worth and self love.  How can I show her that she is worthy and teach her how to love herself if I don’t feel I am worthy and love myself? She needs to be authentic to herself, just as I need to be authentic to myself.