Style Collective May Challenge To Help You Find Your Authentic Self Part One

Not long after I started this blog, I found a community of female bloggers called Style Collective. In the few short months that I have been a member, I have found so much love and support from like-minded woman. The founder, Annie Spano, launched her first podcast at the beginning of the month. Along with the podcast was a challenge for the month. I decided to take this challenge and break it up in to six parts. Each week I will answer a question from the challenge to help me discover my authentic self.

Your Story: What is a difficult experience that was trans-formative?

I have been more of an introvert my entire life. Growing up I was constantly being told that I was fat needed to lose weight by people close to me. If I took any pictures of myself they were all from the chest up, or my arm was always across my stomach. I was also made to feel like I was unworthy and never good enough. Always feeling like I needed to change who I was and that I could never do anything right. Because of this I learned to keep things in. Why put myself out their if I was just going to get shit on? I had always loved fashion but never thought I could dress they way I wanted to because of my size. The pieces and outfits I loved weren’t made for girls like me.

After my daughter was born I knew I had to do something to change. Otherwise, I was just going to keep going further and further down a dark hole. I was lucky enough to find a plus size styling company called Dia&Co. This company opened my eyes to fashion for curvy woman. Once I realized that a career in fashion could/have been a possibility for me, the challenge was how to go for it.

How have you used this experience to give meaning to your life?

I was actually given the idea to start my blog by two amazing woman that work at Dia&Co. Blogging isn’t exactly an introverts idea of a good time. It can be scary for someone who doesn’t fit in to what the majority classifies as beautiful and acceptable. There are going to be negative people always attacking me, someone they don’t know. I have been lucky enough to only recently come across someone who felt they needed to tell me how fat/unacceptable I was. I will admit that for a few hours I was feeling pretty down about myself. If I am going to do this I need to have tougher skin.

Now more than aver I need to embrace the diva name and never settle. To not allow these ugly heart people to take away my dream. I am working so hard to fulfill my goals therefore I can’t let anyone take this away from me. The harder I work, there will be more good coming back.