Pick Of The Week: Must Have Floral Printed Bag

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I am going to jump right in to this week’s pick. Since the start of spring, I had been having an itch to find a floral printed bag. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I just knew it had to be floral!! I had seen a couple of floral bags online, but nothing really spoke to me. Then one day I was out shopping and I walked in to Aldo to see what shoes they had on clearance. There it was! The floral printed bag that was destined to be mine.

I had that moment you see in the movies. Everything around me got quiet, the only thing in my vision was this bag and there was this angelic glow coming from behind the bag. It was speaking to me. It said, ‘Jamie. I have been waiting my whole life for you. Don’t let me just sit here.’ So it became mine. Typically I don’t like to pay full price for an item. The majority of my clothing and accessories purchases come from the clearance rack or are on some sort of sale. This was an exception to my rule. I did pay full price; $40, but for something I had been wanting for so long and that I fell in love with at first sight I was willing to pay full price.

One of the main reasons I chose this floral bag, other than the fact that it’s floral, is because of the colors. I love how the bold colored flowers bounce off the softer pink background of the bag. Also, the gold metallic on the top ads a nice touch of elegance while it helps to break up the pattern a little bit. Another reason I chose this bag is because it is a clutch. I only had one other clutch in my wardrobe and it that was more modern with a black and cream color block design. A good reason to carry a clutch rather than a bag; when my husband asks me to carry his keys, phone and wallet I can say ‘Sorry hun, no room’. 

If you are looking to break in to the floral pattern, or are completely in love with it, then this bag is for you. This floral printed bag will make a great compliment to a more solid color look. It can also give a girly and flirty touch to your look. Have fun with a floral bag and don’t be afraid to play around with different colors. You can also try mixing different prints with this bag. Good news for you, this bag is still in stock and it is currently on sale!!!

What do you think of floral printed bags? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!!