Pick Of The Week: Beating The Heat In A Chubby Girl’s World

Pick Of The Week: Beating The Heat In A Chubby Girl’s World




Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. If you celebrated Father’s Day, I hope that special man in your life had a wonderful day. I am excited to announce that today kicks off a new series. Every Monday, I will be giving you my Pic Of The Week! This can be anything from a fashion trend I love, a restaurant I want to try, to a beauty item you should have in your collection. To start off this series I chose Bandelettes.

Summer has just begun and let’s face it ladies, it’s only going to get hotter and more sticky out there. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do when it’s high temps and high humidity is pull on a pair tight Spanx! Not only does it take me 10 minutes to get the damn things on, then I am sooooo uncomfortable all day. I start sweating in places you don’t want to know about. Any one else…hands?


I discovered Bandelettes about a year ago. My Spanx had finally met their match. So I went good ‘ol Amazon to try to find some new ones. As I was going through the items, these little bands popped up. They claimed to be anti-chaffing bands that would stay in place all day. You mean I don’t have to squeeze in to something? Sign me up!! You do not have to be curvy or plus size to wear Bandelettes. If you are an athlete or dancer these can prevent thigh chaffing for you too.

How It Works

These bands are designed with a slip resistant silicone along the top and bottom to hold them in place. They are thin enough that you can wear under your tightest body-con and feel confident no one will know or see. Simply measure your thigh at the fullest and follow the sizing chart. If your measurement falls between the sizes, GO DOWN! I did not do this and decided to go with the size up. At first they fit ok. As the day wore on however, they began to feel loose, as if they were going to fall to my ankle as I was walking. I still wore the wrong size and just recently purchased the next size down.


These little babies come in several different colors, patterns and styles. There are lace and solid options. As I was going through the reviews on Amazon, I saw several people were saying that the lace options would start pilling and thinning out. Being a curvy girl I decided to going with the solids in beige. I wanted to be able to wear them under any colored skirts and dresses. Unfortunately, the solids only come in beige, black and chocolate. If you decide to try one of the six different lace options, you can also get them in red and white.

Spanx and tights are still a go to under some of my skirts on colder days, but I am so happy I have found these little gems. You can purchase them through Amazon or Bandellettes website. Let me know if you own a pair of Bandelettes and what you think of them!



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