In The Beginnning

In The Beginnning

So this is it, this is my first blog post. It is very surreal for me to be sitting here getting ready to make this official. I only just recently thought to do this. First a little back story on how I got to where I am now.

My husband, Josh, and I met through a mutual friend. On our first date he told me he loved me. Three months into our relationship, Josh proposed and a year and half later we were married. After a quick two months of marriage we decided to start trying for a baby. We had no idea what we were in for. You see, having a child didn’t come easy to us. Two months goes by, then six months. Then it’s a year. Six years, eight miscarriages and one failed round of In Vitro Fertilization, we were looking to start our second round and had four embryos left. Thankfully, the second round worked and we were blessed to be having a baby. Ten months ago I gave birth to our daughter. We decided to name her Shelby.

I love my daughter more than anything in the world, but I wanted a way for me to still be able to maintain some of the things that make me me. Then it hit! A plus size fashion blog! I love to shop and I am figuring out how to feel comfortable in my own skin. Fashion for curvy woman has changed so much, even in the last five years or so, it’s exciting! For too long, we curvy woman have been told we aren’t worthy enough and don’t deserve the best. It is our time to stand up and say “I am worthy, and you better watch out!”.  I know it takes more than just clothes and makeup to love yourself, but for me it is a big help. If I like the way I look in something, and I like how my hair and makeup looks, my entire attitude changes. I stand up straighter, and I have the confidence to go out and face the world. To know that there is this whole world open to woman like that isn’t just for woman who are a size 10 and under, makes me really excited to be me. There are some things that I am not sure I would ever be comfortable in trying, like crop tops and jumpsuits, but knowing that I could try some daring outfits like those makes me think ” Maybe…?”!

During the day I spend my hours sitting behind a desk working for the local court system. Glamours job, I think not. The people I work with are the ones who get to see my style on a regular basis. Because of my personal style I was given the name of Diva. When I first started being called this, I did not agree with it. To me a diva had more of a negative connotation to it. Reflecting now on what makes a diva a diva, you could she is a woman who likes things a particular way and isn’t going to settle. I do not want to settle on the way I look and the appearance I give off. My best self deserves me not to settle. If that makes me a diva, then I will accept the tittle as a compliment and graciously.  

I would describe my style as a mix of preppy and classic with the occasional splash of edge. I love to play with colors, patterns and textures and don’t think there is too much out their that I wouldn’t be willing to try. Except crop tops and jumpsuits…well I may be open to crop tops…maybe.

One of the biggest tools I use to help me define my style even more is Pinterest. Yes, I am big pinner!! I love going through my fashion album and try to recreate an outfit I have saved that’s in straight sizes for my curvy body. I don’t want to be a person who finds ideas and then does nothing with them. I can bring that fairy tale closet to life! It may not be all right away or everything, but I can bring that dream closet to life. I can also try that really cool hairstyle. Now it may take me several tries to get it even close to the picture but dammit, I’m going try. 

My hope is that through this blog I not only discover more about myself and learn to love myself more, but that I may also bring some self confidence to other woman as I bring it to myself. By learning more about my style, I hope that you are able to take my ideas and suggestions, and adapt them to your own style. Through out this year I hope to connect with other woman who wish to express themselves through fashion. Remember “FASHION IS FOR EVERY BODY”


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