Housewarming Party Gifts That Don’t Break The Bank

Housewarming Party Gifts That Don’t Break The Bank

Good evening! Hopefully you week has been going well. Only one day left until the weekend! This past week, we received an invitation to our first housewarming party. Not sure how we made it this far and this is only our first housewarming party. Now I have to find a gift……. I decided to put together I list of some of my favorite items that can be given as a gift. Plus, they won’t break the bank either.

Pier One

I chose Pier One as one of my stores because they have a great selection of items that run from classic to modern. Bonus, they are currently running a 50% sale! I am in love with these faux gemstone napkin rings. The agate and gemstone pieces are a big trend right now. These will add a touch of sophistication and sparkle to any party. Did I mention they are part of the 50% off sale at $2.48!? I also love this gold magazine holder. I can’t be the only one that keeps magazines around thinking that one day I will have time to sit down and read them. Why not show off those magazines in this sleek and modern holder? Any of these items are sure to make the new homeowners very happy.

Bird Branch Tiered Server: $34.98; Faux Gemstone Napkin Ring In Dark Sapphire: $2.48 ea;  Caitlin Gold Magazine Holder: $14.98; Grey Wooden Lanterns: $19.98-$29.98; Chenille Seed Stitch Striped Burgundy Throw: $24.98



I have never shopped at Wayfair, but have seen the commercials and was curious. Again all of these items are on sale, and some even come with free two day shipping… #winning! I love this little bar cart. Not only does it have a rustic feel to it, but it also folds up and is rust resistant! I also love that it is currently 60% off at $50.99 and is a free two day shipping item. If your new homeowners are VERY new and still eating off paper plates, they will forever be grateful to you with this 16 piece Dinnerware set. You can’t go wrong with a clean, simple and classic white set. I am really helping out last minute shoppers because it too is a free two day shipping item!

East Blue Hill Bar Cart: $50.99; Scandinavian 3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set: $35.99; Colleen 16 Piece Dinnerware Set: $36.99; Kimberly Chalkboard & Picture Frame: $32.99;

2 Piece Ceramic Vase Set: $26.90

I haven’t completely decided on my housewarming gift, but I have some great options. I may even purchase one of these items for my own house! Feel free to share your fave housewarming gifts below!


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