Diva Services


For whatever reason, god only knows, we as woman put  A LOT of stock in our wardrobe whether it is intentionally or not. In turn this turns our clothes in to a security blanket of sorts. When we are then faced with something different we can immediately be turned off. I am here to help you face that fear and prepare you for the next stage in your style journey

 I have several different packages to fit all stages of your style journey. 

*Package 1: If you don’t feel you are ready for a complete closet makeover, this is your package. Using photos of your own items I will create a digital mood board showing you how can mix and match your pieces to create multiple different outfit combinations.
*Package 2: Are you ready to start adding a few new pieces to your closet? With this package I will take your currents and add a few pieces based from your Style Profile (typically 5-7 items) that I feel will work well together. I will create a digital mood board to show you how I would styles the new pieces with your current pieces to give you the most versatility. You will also be given the web link to each item so that you may purchase any items you wish. 
*Package 3: Maybe you are looking for a complete overhaul of your closet. In this package, I will create a digital mood board with 15-20 new items. There will be a mix of pieces to fit your current life style based off of the information from your Style Profile. You will again be provided with all of the links to the items so that you may purchase. You will find a mix of staple pieces with a couple “splurge” items that I know you will keep for years to come.
I am also offering a special for new clients. You may purchase any package of your choice for a year subscription and receive 10% off your order.
Needing more info? Send me a mesage! jamie@theplussizediva.com