Had Enough Of Being Told How To Live?

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This past week I cam across an entry in my Beautiful You journal that I am not sure I necessarily agree with. For the most part I have enjoyed this daily journal book. My eyes have been opened to some issues I have been going through. However, this particular day just didn’t sit right with me. I am just not ok with someone telling me how to live.

Day 20

The title of this prompt is, Consider The Time You’ve Lost. The writer talks about how for years she would spend close to an hour every day straightening her hair because she didn’t know how to work with her natural curl. She had decided that she was wasting time that could have been better spent. Then she asks us to think about all the time we put into our appearance and if it’s worth it. She asks if we can let it go. My short answer: Hell yes it’s worth it!

How To Live Your Life

There are way too many people now a days telling us what we should be doing. Everywhere you look there is someone telling you what you should or should not be eating, doing, wearing, reading, etc. Why? I am not talking necessarily talking about brands or companies trying to get you to buy their products. What I have a problem with is the people who feel they need to tell me I shouldn’t be wearing something because I don’t have the body for it. I’m talking about the people who try to tell you that you shouldn’t be spending two hours every morning getting ready because it just means you’re superficial and your taking time away from your children.

Why do people care so much what others are doing? I wake early enough every morning to spend 45 min to an hour doing my make up. My daughter is still sleeping so I am not talking any time away from her. I enjoy doing my makeup. Why should I stop doing something I enjoy just because it isn’t important to you? I will not let someone shame me out of doing something I enjoy.


self love, body positivity, plus size


Do What Makes You Happy

I want you to right now take a stand. If there is something in your life that you enjoy doing… then keep doing it! Do you enjoy doing your makeup? Then keep doing it. Are you spending an hour a day curling your hair because you prefer it curly than straight? KEEP. DOING. IT. Never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself because you are spending time on your appearance. If it is something you enjoy, then keep doing what makes you happy. Just because something isn’t important to one person doesn’t mean you have to adopt that same belief. Live your life the way you want to live it.

If you aren’t enjoying it then stop. It’s one thing to change your hair color because you like it a certain way vs doing it because it’s what other people like. Lets be done with people telling us how to live and lets live to be happy. A couple months back we talked about pledging allegiance to ourselves, this is one way you can do that. Pledge that you will stand by you and that you will live a life that truly makes you happy. No matter what someone else thinks you should be doing instead. Spend the time on yourself, go get your nails done, wear what makes you happy. When you are truly happy others will see that and will feed off of that happiness.

You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t allow someone to shame you out of something you love. Stop letting someone tell you how to live your life and go live your life!


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