Growing Your Authentic Tribe On International Women’s Day

plus size fashion, plus size skirts, plus size blogger

Who I Am

Hey gorgeous people! Welcome to The Plus Size Diva. My name is Jamie and I want to thank you for spending some time with me today. If you haven’t guessed by my blog title, I am a plus size fashion blogger. Though, to tell you the truth, it wasn’t until within the last 10 years that I really got into fashion. I used to love fashion growing up, but because I was always heavier I never thought a true love fashion was something I could obtain. It wasn’t until I had my first office job that I really had a chance to play around with clothes and dress in something other than jeans and a t-shirt.

Quickly, I got the nickname “diva” because I always dressed well and loved wearing my heels every day. After I had my daughter in 2016 I lost myself again. Around my birthday, which is the second to last day of the year, I decided I wanted to try blogging. I didn’t really know anything about blogging, or how big it was. I just knew that I couldn’t be the only one who felt like they were limited by what they could wear simply because they weren’t under a size 10. So after the first of the year, I launched my blog. It hasn’t always been easy and I have wanted to quit so many times, but nothing worth having comes easy.

What I’m About

My mission and dream are to help motivate women and young girls to work towards a path that might seem scary. My hopes are that all women will see the value, self-worth, and confidence they have inside themselves to each the farthest dreams possible. By talking about my own doubts and fears, I hope to connect with others who feel they may not be worthy of success and show them that they are more than worthy.

I want to take my past and reshape that into something beautiful that I can share with my daughter, other women, and their daughters. The way I meant to do this hasn’t fully manifested. However, this journey is the start and only great things can come.


plus size fashion, plus size skirts, plus size blogger


Major Goals I Have Accomplished

These last couple of years have really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I have never been one to put myself out there, so the idea of starting a blog was definitely a scary one. I was always the one to sit back and watch others do amazing things. Now, I get to be the one doing amazing things.

Probably the scariest thing I have done to date was attending the Style Collective conference last year. Traveling to a city by myself was nerve-wracking enough. Add to the mix that I’m meeting a room full of women who are doing the one thing that I only recently started. I’m feeling nervous and scared that these women won’t let me into their little club. Here I am again, feeling that I am not worthy enough to be with these amazing women chasing their dreams.

Luckily for me, the main reason behind this community is to lift likeminded women. Not only have these women made me feel a sister to them, but they are also here supporting me and giving me encouragement when I feel like I am not good enough.



Internation Women’s Day

For different women, this day can mean different things. For me, this is the ultimate girl tribe today. As women, we are brought up to fight for things and to be the perfect example of what a woman should be. This can end having a negative effect on us. While I do believe it is important to fight for the things you want in your life and to be working towards the best version of ourselves, we can end up looking down on others who don’t fit into the ideal perfect world. We can also look down on ourselves when we may fall short.

For me, Internation Women’s Day is a day to uplift our sisters and uplit ourselves. We can’t succeed on our own. Having that strong girl tribe bond is something no one can break. There’s something special about this sisterhood bond. We are able to encourage and motive as no one else can. At the same time, there is something magical about being able to motivate yourself. Even if you are loving and accepting of others, as women, we can be so hard our selves. Believe me, I know. Just because we may fall short, doesn’t mean we haven’t already achieved something great. We tried. That is more than others can say. So cut yourself some slack. We work hard and are nothing short of amazing.


plus size fashion, plus size skirts, plus size blogger

Why I’m A Style Collective Sister

When I first joined the SC community, I thought this would just be a good place for me to learn about blogging and what I should be doing. While I have learned, and am continuing to learn about this world, there is so much more here. The number one thing I love about these women is that they do want to see me succeed. I love that I can ask advice and I love that I can be open with them. These women also help me feel like I am not alone when I’m feeling like it is getting to be too much. To know that they are or have been where I am and that they have worked through their struggles is reassuring. Blogging can be a very lonely world, especially when you’re an introvert like I am. So to have this community of women behind me is a blessing I will never get rid of.


plus size fashion, plus size skirts, plus size blogger


3 Fun Facts

I taught myself to play the flute. Back in elementary school, I decided I wanted to be in the band and the flute was the only instrument that I could get to make noise. Unfortunately, the band director only knew the bare basics it when it came to the flute. So I had to get books and teach myself how to play.

I’m ready for the fanny pack trend to go away again. This trend, along with the fashion cycling shorts are the two trends that I am not a fan of at all. I would rather have a crossbody bag than a fanny pack. It’s just….no.

Before I ever met Josh, I used to want anywhere from 4 to 7 kids! Yikes!! I cam from a big family. My dad was one of eleven and had 9 sisters, and my mom was one of five and a twin. Growing up it was just my brother and myself and always wanted to have that big family myself. Now we just have Shelby and she is more than enough. Maybe one day will be able to foster kids or adopt of our own, but if not, this little family of three will be more than enough.




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  1. Annie
    March 8, 2019 / 4:39 pm

    I love your post and yay for joining the link-up! So glad that you participated. 🙂 I’m so happy that I know you and keep doing your thing, girl – you’re a gem!

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