From Birth To First Birthday-How We Celebrated Our Miracle Baby

Wanting To Be a Mom

For a long time I thought Josh and I would never get to celebrate a birthday for a child of ours. It was something I had desperately wanted but didn’t know if it would ever happen.

Two months after Josh and I were married we decided to try for a baby. In the beginning, we were excited newlyweds. Then a year went by and I had my first miscarriage. The following years were…rough. At one point Josh had told me about a couple who was pregnant with twins. He didn’t know this, but after he told me I went to the bathroom and dropped to the floor. I began to cry uncontrollably, keeping it quiet because I didn’t want him to see me like that.

In the end, I had a total of eight miscarriages and it took us six and a half years to get pregnant. We got lucky with Shelby on our second round of IVF. Would I do it again…only if I knew I could have the strength and determination I had through all those years.

March 4, 2015, 7:00 PM, Josh and I packed some bags in the car and started down the road. Neither of us spoke the 35 minute drive we had.  We were anxious, nervous and excited for what we were about to do. I was 41 weeks pregnant and we were on our way to the hospital to be induced.

I had a really easy pregnancy. Almost zero morning sickness, no heart burn, no swelling until right at the end. I only gained 25 lbs., which was a concern I had from the beginning. Being plus size I was worried I would gain too much weight and get gestational diabetes. Getting to this point was a different story.


Birthday Girl

A year has gone by since we welcomed our miracle in to the world and I am throwing her a PARTY! I decided on doing a circus theme after some quick searching on good ole Pinterest!

Josh had to rein me in a little. I wanted to hire a magician but I got a big fat no on that one.  Luckily his cousin purchased a smaller inflatable bouncy house for his son that we were able to use at the party. I was able to get a couple of little games that fit the theme,  a piñata shaped like a clown and I busted out my crafting skills and did some face painting.

I got the cake from local grocery store bakery. It turned out amazing! For food, I wanted to keep things simple but stay with the circus theme. I cooked corn dogs and did a big pan of mac-n-cheese. I requested that in lieu of gifts, guests bring a covered dish. This way I didn’t have to cook a bunch of food.

I got these perfect little favor boxes that looked like popcorn boxes and grabbed a bunch of little toys and candy to put in the boxes. I had to get cotton candy to go with the theme. In my head I had so much more that I could have and wanted to do. Before I knew it though, it was a month before her birthday and I hadn’t even sent  her invitations out. All in all, I think our little Shelby girl had a pretty awesome first birthday.

I would love to know what you did for your child’s first birthday. If you don’t have any children, what was your favorite birthday you remember growing up? You can follow me on Pinterest too!