Kent State University Fashion Museum

For this week’s post, we are going on a field trip! Recently, I was informed that the┬álocal college campus has a fashion museum that is open to the public. I love being able to support my local community so I…


Time To Change Things Up

I am a person who does not always jump right in to a trend. Nor am I quick for change. I like to test the waters first, see if it’s something that will be worth it. For the last several…

Hey there! I'm Jamie and I want to welcome you to my first blog! I decided to do this blog after having my first child as a way to help me keep some of the things that make me me. Unfortunately, I didn't realize my love for fashion until later in life and was not able to explore that as a career. Through out this blog I will be talking about plus size fashion, beauty tips and tricks, and also giving you a look in to my life living in NE Ohio and being a mom to a diva in training.


Pull Over Piece Three Ways: Part Two

Welcome to the second week in this series. If you remember, we are showcasing one piece and styling it different ways. To recap, the piece is a teal chiffon pull over top from Torrid. In part one of the series…