Pick Of The Week: Scarves For The Cool Fall Air

Pick Of The Week: Scarves For The Cool Fall Air






Hey and happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather is definitely taking a turn for the cooler side here in NE Ohio, but as Ohio weather goes I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another hot day or two. Since the official start to fall is in a couple weeks, I thought I would take some time to talk about my favorite fall accessory. Scarves!! Admittingly, I have an addiction to scarves and have to force myself to not purchase any more.

Some people like to wear lighter weight scarves in the summer time, however I can’t do it. I feel like I am suffocating…haha! There are a few of the lighter weight ones in my closet that I will wear right at the beginning of fall though. Turtlenecks have never been a fave of mine even though my mom would always make me wear them in the winter. Again that whole suffocation feeling comes back, so I can’t do the little ascot scarves. All of my scarves are of the longer, looser variety.

Why I Love

Scarves are one of my ultimate accessory picks. They come in such a wide variety of size, shape, color, print and style. You can bet that there is at least one, if not more, that will work with your style. My two favorite styles are the infinity scarves and blanket scarves. I love how easy an infinity scarf is to wear. Just loop it around your neck twice and your done!

The blanket scarf can be a little more….intimidating because of it’s size. However, once you figure out how to work it they are awesome! I love the versatility of a blanket scarf, not to mention the warmth that they provide. Depending on how big of one you get, you can drape them over you as a vest or poncho. When it really gets cold out I like to wrap them around my head. This will help keep me warm along with protecting my hair from the wet snow.

Some people might say that being plus size and having a larger bust, you shouldn’t go with a thicker or heavier scarf. I say screw ’em! Both of these style of scarves gives me that warm and cozy feel and I don’t get that with the thin or light weight scarves. Wear what you want. The only reason people are hatin’ is because they want what you have. The scarf I am wearing here I purchased last year from Francesca’s, so below are few new ones I have picked for you.

You can also check out another way I styled this scarf in one of my very first blog posts here. Are you a scarf fan, if so what are your favorite types of scarves?



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