Pull Over Piece Three Ways: Part One

Pull Over Piece Three Ways: Part One

Lately I have been styling pieces in my wardrobe singularly. I find an item and only plan on wearing it one way. Usually, strictly work pieces or strictly casual pieces. So I have decided to to showcase how you can style one item multiple ways. Over the next couple of weeks I will be showcasing one piece from my wardrobe and pairing it with different items. This way I get more bang for my buck. The item being showcased this month is a teal, three-quarter sleeve, chiffon pullover top from Torrid. This particular color I got on clearance. However you can find similar tops here.


We are going to start off with the casual look. The easiest way to pair this top is with your favorite jeans. I am wearing Celebrity Pink skinny jeans I received in one of my boxes from Dia&Co. If you don’t know what Dia&Co is, check them out. These are my first skinny jeans and honestly I was nervous about them. They were pretty snug across my legs. I wasn’t sure if they were too tight, ┬ábut after discussing with some friends I realized I just wasn’t use to wearing pants that were fitted. An easy way to break in to the skinny jean trend is to pair them with a high shaft boot.

I wanted to keep my accessories on the easy and simple side. Maroon and wine colored accessories are on trend and pair nicely with the teal in the shirt. A plaid blanket scarf with maroon accents is an easy way to stay on trend. It also adds some warmth in the cold months. Don’t be intimated by blanket scarfs. Just keep playing around with them until you find a way to style it that you love.

Finishing off the look I went with a large brim hat. The hat is also in the maroon color family so it pairs well with the scarf and the top. The large brim hats are also a nice way to play up the Boho style. I also kept my makeup more natural. I opted for neutral eye shadow shades and a light pink gloss.

Take a moment and look through your closet. Try things on that you may not think go to together. If you are feeling unsure about something ask a friend, or contact me here! Being fashionable and stylish is a lot easier than some may think. So go for it girl!


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